Mouse Bones on Watercolor Wood Necklace

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If you're like me then you like rocking a little strange and unusual in your style year round! There is a beauty in this dark, yet delicate piece that will have everybody talking. How incredible is it seeing bones so small? It really helps us appreciate the various sizes of life on this earth!

Pendant Details:
-Watercolor painting on a wooden panel and real (ethically sourced) mouse skull, teeth, jaws, and misc. bone.
-Pendant is approximately 2" x 1"
-Because of its wooden structure, please be cautious with getting this necklace overly wet. Necklace is very lightweight and durable but should also not endure excessive force or damage.
-19 inch necklace chain is included (please let me know if you need a different length ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches)

*Because of its hand crafted nature, pendants may have slight imperfections*