10 Days To Self Love Workbook

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Self love is a choice and it start's and ends with you.

If you've been looking to focus on self love/care, want to make the dislikes you see in yourself transform into things you admire, and are ready to start living a more positive life this book is a great place to start!

I don't want to help you by pushing you or leading you, I'm ready to walk with you and be right by your side when you start to blossom into a more empowered version of yourself. I hope to hear from you as you go through this workbook, and would love to be there for you along the way!

Here are some details of what to expect in this book:

  • 20 color pages of advice/tips/action & reflection/and sharing my own personal experiences.
  • Space to write out answers, highlight points, color, draw, and add your own notes. I want you to make this book your own!
  • We'll cover things ranging from re-defining self care, exercise, how to manage negative thoughts, exploring the source of doubts, and more.
  • The digital version will be emailed to you as a PDF (which can be read straight from your phone or easily printable for you to write directly in). PLEASE include the email you would like it sent to in the notes at checkout.

I encourage you to reach out to me through my email shopsimplyoli@gmail.com or on Instagram or Facebook @shopsimplyoli if you're interested in having someone who's been through it, help you along the way. I always make sure to give honest and constructive feedback on what will help you on your path to self love.