You Take Vacation, Depression Doesn't

I can most definitely recall putting a damper on one too many family outings in my lifetime. Being bipolar meant dealing with depression back then as well as now. The only difference is that I've come up with techniques to help out along the way.

You take vacation, depression doesn't.

I've been that girl not smiling in the family photo, I've sat underneath a picnic table watching ants while my family enjoyed the beach, and I know what it feels like to see the fun happening around me know I should be enjoying it but I can't. Trust me when I say been there, done that.

And even though I have a much better handle on my depression now it didn't stop it from knocking on my door and saying hello in the middle of my vacation to California. The vacation I had been insanely excited about for months. Right smack dab in the middle of a Halloween party it hits me like a big red stop sign to the face. 

Our vacation was 8 days long and 4 of those days consisted of me implementing the techniques I share in my video below and my patient, kind, understanding, sweet, amazing freaking husband being there by my side while I worked through it.

I hope you take a moment to check out those tips (some of which are filmed in California - thank you depression for setting off a light bulb). If you deal with depression or someone close to you does and you've been that person (like my husband) trying to help I would recommend giving them a shot. They're not this quick fix or super easy but if you try and I mean REALLY try, I hope that they help give you some relief like they did for me.


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