Why Taking a Break from Your Kids is a Good Thing


Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my girls - but I will say getting little breaks here and there honestly does wonders for me. Piper started taking week long vacations with my dad and step mom shortly after she turned one. They live about 7 hours away and love having the tradition of keeping Piper (and soon to be both girls) for small trips like that 3 or 4 times a year.

If I'm being perfectly honest with you guys, the first time was absolutely nerve wracking. But here's the thing, I look forward to these trips. It does wonders for my stress and I feel emotionally recharged after getting her back. It's the perfect opportunity to really dive into any work I need to tackle, have some really awesome quality time with my husband Jim, and help me take that deep breath that I need. It'll blow your mind what not having to pick up toys, worry about someone else's meals, or hearing "mama" every 5 minutes will do for you.

Do I miss her? You bet your freaking hind end I do! It amazes people that we're so willing to be apart from our kiddos for more than a few days but it really is a beautiful thing. She comes home - I'm no longer feeling burnt out, me missing her makes me love her that much harder, and she get's to come home with new stories, experiences, and goofy quirks.

3 weeks is definitely the limit for her, us, and the grandparents haha. But the 1 week plan turned into 2, and then she was up for turning the 2 weeks into 3 (although the last couple days she was really starting to miss us). Do I recommend it? I definitely do if you feel like you just need to catch your breath - but of course you'd need someone you trust hands down that of course is willing to tackle even just a few days. 

Having kids doesn't make you or your health any less of a priority - never EVER forget that.

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