Why Re-purpose?

In everything we watch, on every game we play, when we're scrolling through our phones in an attempt to stay up to date with all of our friends one major thing is happening with or without us noticing. We are constantly being advertised to. Now, I'm not here to bash advertisements (heck, I have a donation link and YouTube video down below that pretty much fall under the advertising category). Here's the real deal:

Knowing what you want, versus what you actually need.

A lot of the stuff being shown to us is pretty, shiny, and oh so tempting to buy because oh my goodness it would look amazing right there on that corner of my desk. BUT ... do you really NEED it? 

We have so much already right in front of us at our fingers tips that could be reused and given a new life. You can do that in the way you style it, maybe you give it a fresh coat of paint, or maybe you even take some things off or build some things onto it. All it takes is some determination and imagination and you can truly create something new!

We need to end this urge to constantly consume and discard. I don't think there's anything wrong with buying new things but we have to be willing to repurpose the old things too and help keep some kind of balance going. Not to mention you're saving money - I mean come on, who's not down for that?! So the next time you want to decorate, get new clothing, or need something functional for your home first ask yourself - could I re-purpose something I already have to fill that need or want?


List out the last 5-10 things you bought (excluding things like groceries) and write next to each of them if they were a want or a need. Did that item truly benefit your life in someway that was necessary? Brainstorm some ideas on how you could have re-purposed items to make something similar to the item you bought. 

Laying these out in front of you is a really great way to see where you stand when it comes to your spending habits and can help you recognize if you want to make a change or are happy with where you're at. 


 Check out what all I re-purposed to create a cute fall/Halloween porch set up without spending a single penny or leaving my house in the video below.

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