Why I Share My Struggles

When I was younger and dealing with bipolar/depression heavily I unloaded my sadness and issues on those closest to me frequently. In my last long term relationship (before my husband) my significant other didn't want me sharing our problems with anyone, so I learned to close myself off completely from almost everyone around me.

I feel like I've finally found a healthy balance where I can share my struggles in a constructive way.

Yes, it's definitely helpful to vent and open up about what's going on for your own mental health. But it is so beneficial to look for some kind of positive to walk away with. It might take some time but in every dark moment there grows a little positive light. I guess I've never really shared about our miscarriage because until now all I really had to offer was a seemingly sad story. But I've found my light from it and who knows, maybe it will be similar to someone else's.

I can't tell you exactly how to cope with miscarriage or loss, but I can share with you what I went through and how I handled it. I never realized how common it is until I went through it myself. I felt lucky to have a mother who actually went through a very similar couple of miscarriages. So hopefully by sharing my story, I can make at least one person feel a little less alone.

My wish is to continue to offer as much advice and personal experience as I can, and be a helping hand for anyone who is ready to start helping themselves down a better path. There are so many kind souls on this Earth. No one should have to struggle alone.

If you're interested in hearing our miscarriage stories I share them in the video below. PLEASE don't feel obligated to watch if you are not comfortable with the subject. I know it can be a very sensitive topic.

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