Why I Decided to Join Patreon

I LOVE sharing what I know, bringing a smile to your face, and offering an honest perspective on life. YouTube and my blog combined have become such an amazing outlet for that! I've never been a fan of feeling like I need to sell a product to people constantly (even with my jewelry - I'd rather just show you my creation and if you like it ... cool!). I know not everyone will be interested in buying my jewelry and that's okay, but I'd much rather avoid trying to sell you a bunch of other products (mine or someone else's) to make up for that. Everything I share with you never really costs me that much money, BUT it does take a whole lot of time.

To be completely honest, as a stay at home mom my dream really boils down to being able to help support my family financially, while doing what I love, and raising my two little girls. 

If you have a few dollars to spare and love all of the creations, advice, stories, and madness I'm sharing with you, I would be forever humbled by and grateful for your support. PLEASE don't by any means feel obligated and if you don't have the dollars to spare I completely understand. You'll always be awesome in my book and you'll get to keep picking up what I've been putting down! If you're interested in offering support check out the different rewards for some EXTRA things I'll be putting down!

You can head straight on over to Patreon here ---- 

Or watch my video that explains a little more about SimplyOli, myself, and why I'm trying to a less sales driven route. And of course you get to see the kiddos too :D


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