Tips For Working At Home

Working from home may seem like this glorious world of wearing yoga pants, eating whenever you want, watching Netlfix while you work, so on and so forth. But in all honestly, it’s really freaking hard. Here’s what it boils down to – NO ONE is there to tell you what to do. Sure, that’s great in some aspect but it also means you’re in charge of making sure you stay on task, taking a lunch break (because you will forget to eat sometimes), and using your time effectively. You set deadlines, goals, restrictions, and rewards. Nobody is doing it for you.

If you’re reading this then you’re already very familiar with all of that, so let’s just hop right into those tips!

  1. Plan out your days, weeks, and month.
    1. Days: You don’t need to have it down by the hour but make a list of tasks that you need to get done but won’t overwhelm you.
    2. Weeks: Set overall goals you would like to have accomplished each week to keep you on track while approaching a deadline.
    3. Month: Map out when you need/want to have certain projects done by and plan accordingly to reach those so you’re not scrambling last minute.
  2. Aim to work for a certain length of time – kids are great for this but can also hinder it. Use an actual timer or use your kids as one (nap time, or making them work on something along side of you for a certain amount of time).
  3. Mix up what you’re working on in a day to avoid burn out. Do some creating at one point, and more computer backend work at another.
  4. Schedule in free time – Yes, we get that sucked into our work at times. Plan for a lunch, a walk, some mindless t.v. or social media, call and chat with a friend. It helps make for a good refresh.
  5. Listen to music or podcasts to help escape your own head for a bit. Sometimes less active thinking makes you enjoy what you’re doing a bit more and helps productivity.
  6. Try to keep a clean house or workspace. Keeping your mind of that task helps you focus so much more!
  7. Silence your phone when you go to sleep (unless you absolutely need to be reachable for an emergency). Rest is so important, and everything else can wait until you are ready to start the day on your own terms.
  8. Create an atmosphere that helps keep you at ease (if you have kids like I do, as “at ease” as you can be). I personally love to light some candles in the house and turn on my Himalayan salt lamp.
  9. Make sure to stay on top of eating meals or snacks throughout the day along with staying hydrated. If you forget to eat or drink, the moment it hits you become pretty much useless.
  10. Make a point to get out of the house from time to time. We live at home AND work there which can lead to the “walls closing in moments”.

In the video below I share the pro’s and cons of working from home…and it’s pretty much chaos throughout.

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