The Process Isn’t Pretty

For some odd reason I’ve always been incredibly proud of having a messy process when it comes to creating things. Whether that be product photos, jewelry, or any other crafts I can get my hands on. I always see other YouTubers filming these gorgeous DIY’s – you know, the kind with the marble tables that are perfectly lit, zero mistakes are made, and it’s just this peaceful serenity of creation.

Kudo’s to them, but that’s not me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people that work that way – they aren’t trying to hard or being pretentious. That might be what works for them. But for me, the process isn’t pretty. I don’t know why I’ve been holding out for this moment where I could film a DIY for you guys like that. I want to be that voice shouting from the roof tops that says – I screwed up this color! Maybe I should have done it this way! My baby is screaming at me, but I just need to paint this last little thing!

I’ll rep for the team that doesn’t have it all together but wants to do it anyway. We’re the kind of people that use what we have available and make it work. We’re the kind of people that think maybe it could’ve been better but we’re happy with how it turned out anyway.

DIY means DO IT YOURSELF and we embrace that term to the fullest.


Try a DIY project where you only use what’s available to you in that moment. Don’t go to the store or buy anything. Repurpose, reuse, recycle. You’d be amazed at what you can make with found materials.


If you want to give that challenge a shot, I recently made a necklace organizer doing just that! You can check it out in the video below.

***You can download the free step by step guide with my tips and tricks for it here.***

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