The Key To Marriage

Marriage is a truly fascinating thing. Four years of it has taught me so much. How to read someone, how important good communication is, and how another person can really help you discover your full potential. It teaches you to live your life in conjunction with another individual.

Marriage isn’t easy.

It involves work, compassion, patience, and damn good communication. Is any marriage perfect? No. But it can be great if you’re BOTH willing to put in the effort. So what’s the key? What’s that secret sauce to a happy marriage whether it’s been 4 years or 40 years?

Show each other love every single day.

Sounds sappy and cliche, I know. But it’s true. Whether you say I love you (and not just in passing), or you express it physically (hugs and kisses), emotionally (support, encouragement, etc.), and/or sexually (I don’t need to explain this one). Each is crucial in expressing your love.

You should be doing these things daily (and even additional things that are special to your relationship). 

Jim (my husband) and I have never gone to bed angry, can both can feel when we’ve been overwhelmed with work or life and have gone a day or two without showing as much love as we both need, and know just how valuable daily expression of that is.

This is exactly the reason why in our anniversary vlog I’ve shared below, we aren’t doing anything “over the top” special. Although celebrating the day of our marriage is nice, that day isn’t what reminds us we love each other. We’re reminded every single day.

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