Talk About Quality!

I've always been the type of person that focuses on quality over quantity. This mindset has stayed with me through friendships, photography, jewelry, business, etc. When I finally decided to make the switch off of Etsy to Shopify last year I was nervous and excited. It was never that I was against Etsy, but Shopify was going to provide me with design customization, analytics, this blog, and a new sense of freedom on my journey to become a brand rather than just a business.

The scary part?

YOU are the only thing driving traffic to your website. Intimidating ... I know, but I was determined to make that happen through social media, SEO, and even in person connection. I'll be straight forward with you, some seasons are better than others (as with Etsy or any other platform) but it actually hasn't been that bad. You just have to be willing to put in the work.

Shopify has NEVER given me any problems.

Sure I've come across some issues (plenty guilty of user error), but I've overcome everyone of them with just a little interweb searching - most of the help is found in their very own support forums.

Always on top of their game!

They constantly put out articles that help motivate you as an individual behind the business and educate you as an owner wearing oh so many hats. Not to mention new perks are frequently added when it comes to features and sales opportunities on the platform!


All in all, I'm impressed on a daily basis with Shopify. They focus on taking care of small business owners that are looking to have a smooth ecommerce system that is always on top of it's game. If you want to check it out free for 14 days just click on the link below!

Let me check out what Shopify is all about!

**Full disclaimer - I do make a small referral fee if you sign up using my link. It helps me to keep the ball rolling and providing you with regular content over here at SimplyOli.

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