Tackling Your To Do Lists

To do lists get a bad wrap for being these overwhelmingly long lists that you never know where to start on. I personally am obsessed with lists! They always keep me on track, meeting my goals, and seriously help me avoid mom brain (because I promise you ... that's a thing).

If you know how to go about not only just making a to do list, but implementing a strategy to start checking off those little boxes, than you get to be the keeper of this amazingly effective tool that can be used in nearly every aspect of your life.

Let's go over some steps to help you tackle those to do lists (because we all know there's more than one)!

  1. Start broad : There's no shame in listing everything out! It's almost like a brain dump, where you can get everything on your mind out without worrying about the organization or how you'll tackle it.
  2. Make multiple list's : Having more than one list is a good thing, it allows you to keep things organized and will be a huge help when it comes time to tackling certain goals. Ex: Things to do around the house, business, bucket list, groceries, fitness goals, etc.
  3. Plan out your week : What needs to get done this week? What goals would you like to accomplish? Using your categorized lists create a smaller more manageable list of things to tackle within the week.
  4. Break it down into days :This is where we start to execute! Plan out any smaller steps you need to take to reach bigger goals or prioritize tasks to knock out at a steady pace. Don't overfill your day. Do what you know is manageable.

Tips for parents with young kids:

  • Maintain flexibility : You know as much as I do that we work around our kids schedules. Only plan 2-3 days out at a time so that when a day goes sideways (we all know it will) you can easily reschedule to do's without feeling like you totally failed and are having to scratch everything out.
  • Efficiency over priority : There might be something super important that needs to get done ASAP TODAY but it's not something you can do until the kids are down for a nap - take care of tasks that you can manage while taking care of them and save that uninterrupted time for knocking out the tougher ones!

Tips for everyone:

  • Time blocking : Whether you have a full day to yourself or you've just gotten off work, try your hand at time blocking. Set certain amounts of time to work on one task, remove distractions, rinse & repeat. Stick with this and you'll be amazed at how much you can check off of your list!
  • Plan a full week : I know it's not always possible, but if you can make that weekly to do list and then plan out the entire week you'll have a solid plan of action to meet your goals.

Let me know down in the comments if any of these tips were helpful! You can also check out my video I show more of my personal way of laying out to do lists.

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