Supporting Other Creators

It was so nice to be able to walk around more this MegaCon and show some love and support to other creators that were there. Typically I'm glued behind my table (even though my husband is with me) because I do my best to be there on my feet and chatting with every single person that takes the time to admire my work. Weirdly enough, me not feeling well led to going out and exploring more than normal, and my urge to support some incredibly talented individuals kicked in. 

Showing support also goes so much further than a dollar sign.

Here's the thing, supporting creative individuals doesn't mean you need to give an arm and a leg (although sometimes I know some artists price points may seem that high). If a highly priced item is in your spending range AWESOME! If not, then I promise you there is another creative out there that is. You can always still show your appreciation of someones work through kind words and/or sharing their work with others.

We don't have to take sides.

It seems like people think you either support small business or you back the big corporations. I personally do both. But I do feel like items mean so much more when you've chatted with the person that created them, or you clearly know what they stand for and where their heart is.

Community over competition.

It saddens me to see that not everyone has a community over competition mindset. Yes, we all want to excel. Yes, it may seem like were trying to get someone to notice us over someone else. And yes, maybe sometimes it's hard to see someone who appears to be at the same level as you grow quicker. That does not mean we should be spiteful, make back handed congratulations, or even attempt to copy someones work.

We can all give back in so many ways. Creative brains help the world go round and that is all something I think we can get behind. I'll always be here creating, and I'll always be here giving back to others creating as well.

--------Check out the vlog for some fun "What to Expect at a Comic Con" action and check out around the 6:37 time stamp to see what I picked up from other artists at the con.--------


You keep staying simply awesome,

and I'll keep staying SimplyOli.

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