Stopping Self Doubt

I'm not smart enough, strong enough, I can't do it because I'm ____, I'll never be able to _____.

Doubt is that little pessimistic voice inside your head trying to convince you that you aren't, can't, won't, never will, etc. It discourages us. Especially when we're faced with a change or challenge of some sort. 

Feeding self doubt is easy - it doesn't require any work. But it's not healthy, and keeps us from living our life to the fullest. It might feel like it keeps you in a safety blanket but that blanket will eventually smother you.

Here's what is amazing:

Self doubt always gives us an option - to feed into it, or to ignore it. By ignoring self doubt you're choosing to love yourself more, live a life where you take advantage of opportunities and even if they lead to failure they leave you with a lesson. So stop letting self doubt hold you back. We have a life to live and don't need to waste any more of it not believing in ourselves.

How you can let go of self doubt: 

  • Recognize when you feed self doubt - being aware it's happening is one of the first steps to stopping it.
  • Mantras - write short positive messages to yourself and put them in a place where you'll look at them every day.
  • Practice positive thinking - encourage yourself and change your thinking so that overtime it will become your truth.
  • Distance yourself from people or things that feed into your doubt.
  • Dig deep into where your doubt is stemming from (media, childhood, a specific person, etc.) and know that you're more than the source of your doubt.
  • Reflect - where do you see yourself headed if you continue to feed it? Is it making you feel bad? Is it holding you back from opportunities? Do you really want to continue living that way?
  • Deep breaths and small steps - sometimes its easy to give doubt the middle finger and other times it takes a while and some work. Be patient, believe in yourself, and you can change your world.

Check out the video below so I can help get you motivated with a little more face to face pep talk!


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