Stepping Outside of Your Box

If you're anything like me then you have a really nice, neat and tidy, perfectly curated box that you like to hang out in. This box holds the way you like to do things, your routine that you fall back on, etc. Inside of it 2 +2 = 4 and it will always equal the number four. 

How about we make 2 + 2 = blue for a change?

Does that analogy make any sense? NO. But I don't care! Stepping outside your box is something you need to do for yourself, to feed your curiosity, and to make yourself uncomfortable in the best way. New experiences and memories help transform us into more rounded individuals. We become creatures of habit and although routines and systems can be healthy and helpful most of the time life can become stagnant and dull. 

I challenge you to do one new thing every month. Does it need to be a huge yoga event like in my video below? No, of course not. Simple things as small as trying a new restaurant, attempting a new hobby, making a friend, or even cutting out fast food for a week work just as well.

This is me challenging you to challenge yourself. It might seem like we don't have the time, but it really boils down to making your self a care a priority. Start small and make stepping outside of your box part of box. 

Yoga has always been in my box - I'm self taught, I do it at home, I've only taken two yoga classes in my two years of doing it, and been to one small event. Wanderlust was a beast to be a part of and I could have easily made up more than one excuse not to go. But I decided I should just suck it up and do it.  Boy, am I glad I did. One amazing day jam packed into four minutes - check out the video below.

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