So You’re Interested in Minimalism?

Some people think incorporating the ideology of minimalism is a go all in or go home endeavor. I think that couldn’t be further from the truth. Minimalism to its fullest looks really does look like a beautiful thing, but some of us might not be ready for that and may never be. It doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate the idea of removing clutter and focusing more on essential items in life.

I honestly fell in love with the idea of only packing essentials when I went on a trip to New York. How cool would it be to only have a carryon and a purse while flying away for the weekend. I brought one to two of each clothing item I needed, bathroom essentials, and my phone a charger. It was AMAZING. My family was even shocked at how little I had brought.

When it comes to travel I really do believe we overpack out of fear. Fear that something might happen to the stuff we have, fear in the sense that we bring extra clothes because we MIGHT want to wear it, and fear that if we’re missing something we won’t be able to function. I didn’t run into an issue once. Even if I did you know what?


It can be replaced, you can survive without it (even just temporarily). That minimalist mindset really centers around not having this NEED for excess stuff. We do a really good job at convincing ourselves that we need a lot of the things we have, when we don’t and we just buy or have them out of convenience. 


Find an area in your life where there is excess. Maybe it’s your living room, closet, clothing, purse, travel, car, etc. and tackle it! Go at it with full force and take out the things you don’t need. Define the word need for yourself – would you be just fine without it? You don’t have to end up with an empty room with only a desk, chair, and pencil cup with one in it. You can keep that book collection if it brings you joy and you visit it often. Start small, maybe work bigger, but at least try.

You can check out how I incorporated some minimalism into how I packed for a two week long vacation in the video below. And yes, I used the same 2 bags that I did for that weekend trip to New York.

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