Shop Small Gift Guide 2017

I highly encourage everyone to shop small for gifts this year for many reasons I share in the video below. To help you along, I wanted to share with you 20 of my favorite places to shop small even though there are so many more I know I'm missing! Take the time to check out these amazing individuals and the things they create - if you do find a great gift let them know I sent you! Please spread the word and share this gift guide so others can shop small as well! Happy Holidays to everyone and make sure to order soon to get your gifts in time!

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20 Places to Shop Small

  1. Alicia Pesco PhotographyAlicia is so amazing at making you feel super comfortable during a photoshoot and always keeps things light and fun! If you're in the Tampa area (although she does travel as well!) make sure to hit her up for wedding, couple, or lifestyle photos. I linked to her Instagram - website is coming soon!
  2. Art ResinMy absolute favorite resin to use hands down! It's actually the resin I use for all of my jewelry. No yellowing and no respirator needed!
  3. Bart ScottIf you love going to Disney then you should definitely check out Bart's book The Real Man's Guide to Disney World (he share's the in's and out's of navigating Disney) and if you have kiddos his book Cats of the Castle is also based around Disney and is a perfect gift!
  4. Calculated CraftsI'm so glad to have met Lindsey and seen her craft in person! She's one smart cookie who makes minimalist geometric home decor with metal frame works, macrame, and she even sells amazing DIY kits!
  5. Elemental UrchinCheryl Lee's craftsmanship is absolutely mind blowing! She creates out of this world sculptures and wearable art (it's so gorgeous the word jewelry doesn't do it justice).
  6. FernworksFaryn Davis' resin work is seriously #goals in my eyes. She also works with repurposed nature but also makes the most mesmerizing little paintings. The depth and dimension of her pieces really make her stand out from the crowd.
  7. The Foraging FairyIf you love dreamcatchers then Michie has you covered! I love the variety and style of her work. I still obsess over mine every time I walk in my room.
  8. Holly FaeMERMAIDS! Holy magical mermaids, Holly's work is breath taking. Her use of color is so dreamy and she is truly skilled in her craft. She has so many new things in the works and also takes commissions!
  9. Hoola MonstersAbby Albaum is one amazingly driven woman! She is a hooping instructor and performer based in St. Pete, Fl, and sells hoops and jewelry at local markets! You'll always catch Abby with a smile and can't miss her bubbly personality.
  10. Jenna KutcherJenna is a complete powerhouse! And my personal role model. She advocates a self love lifestyle and educates other entrepreneurs on practical ways to be your own boss and run a business that's successful. Her courses, digital content, and podcast are definitely worth checking out!
  11. Jessica WheymouthJess has to be my favorite watercolor artist! Her work takes me to a place where I forget about stress, get inspired, and feel connected with nature. She has calendars, cards, prints, original paintings, AND does custom work.
  12. Justin PetersonJustin seriously always has me cracking up. He is an illustrator with a distinct style that you can recognize anywhere. If you love comics I would most definitely check out his original one - Very Near Mint and also his newest - The Hot Dogger. So funny! 
  13. LavendaireAileen is such an inspiration. Her YouTube channel and podcast will always leave you uplifted and with new information on how you can better your life, mentality, and quality of self love. She just launched her Artist of Life Workbook and I highly recommend getting it!
  14. Moody Sisters: Jess & Whitney - these ladies are a game changer! They are rocking it in the world of natural beauty products and body care. What I love is that they don't only have earthy scents for their products but a lot of fruity ones as well! They are running a crazy awesome giveaway right now, if I were you I would check it out!
  15. The OpaqueTanesia is so down to earth and makes the most beautiful crystal pieces I've ever seen. Her husband has even joined in and does some seriously incredible work as well! If you swoon over crystal pieces modified with soldering and  electroforming look no further.
  16. Project Luna RockYou guys know I have a special place in my heart for repurposing comics and that's exactly what Raquel does - and she turns them into wallets! How cool is that?! She also sells gorgeous enamel pins in her shop that are geek related. I have a princess Leia mandala one and it is my favorite!
  17. RecoverTRecycling t-shirts and recovering lives. Evelyn is a woman with an amazing story and a big dream. She creates gorgeous wrap bracelets from - I kid you not, donated shirts! Most are adorned with inspirational quote plates and other charms. A dollar from each item sold goes to Turning Point which is a recovery center in Tampa helping people work through addiction.
  18. Sugar & VioletsCassi found a love for resin just this year and her pieces took  my breath away when I first saw them. She's been creating cheese boards, coaster sets, serving trays, wall decor pieces, and even earrings! She in the process of setting up her Etsy shop but her work is THAT GOOD I couldn't not share it. I've linked her Instagram so you can be ready when her shop goes live! She might still have some custom spots still open - DM her!
  19. Video InfluencersSean & Benji have so much knowledge to offer after years and YEARS of hard work and perseverance. They are on a mission to help other YouTuber's not face so much of a struggle. They offer loads of free info on their channel but also offer courses for those ready to dive in and get serious about being successful on YouTube.
  20. Warehouse CandlesLast but certainly not least, Heather and Scott make my favorite candles ever! Not only do they smell amazing and last seriously what feels like forever, but they actually use recycled beer and wine bottles for the jars! Make sure to grab one and see how awesome they are for yourself.

Of course you're always free to shop small with me as well! I hope you enjoyed this list of amazing creatives and please take a minute to check out the video where I explain why shopping small is such a great thing!


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