Seizing The Moment

When an opportunity wanders up to you, tugs on your pants, and says "come with me" you have two options. Stay where you feel comfortable and don't budge OR dare to start walking. 

My dear friend from college that moved to California got married in October and not only wanted me to be one of her bridesmaids but also wanted my husband Jim to photograph the wedding. She was ready to cover our flight out there and our services, so of course we dared to walk. We decided to take it as an opportunity to have the honeymoon we never really had (you know that fancy kind where you travel somewhere new and do a bunch of fun things as a couple).

I'm so grateful that we even had the opportunity to go to California (where I've never visited before) and have so many adventures that were new to both of us. So thank you Jamie! And oh my gosh thank you to my parents for watching our girls for a week!

Here's the thing though, we could have made so many excuses not to go. Jim had to find other teachers to sub his classes for nearly two weeks, we still had so much work on our plates (which yes, we had to bring some along with us), or finding sitters for the pets and kids could have been way to difficult to work out, etc. But we said screw it, made arrangements, vaguely planned out what we would do after the wedding and went for it. I can't emphasize enough how badly we needed that kind of break and how many amazing memories we walked away with.


I implore you, the next time opportunity comes knocking try not to overthink it. Obviously be responsible with this action but let go of your fear, doubt, stress, or whatever and dare to start walking. 

You can watch our California madness begin in the vlog below. Just know that whether an opportunity comes tomorrow or 5 years from now, maybe in the form of a job, relationship, vacation, etc. that it is valuable and fleeting. Live for every moment and step out of your comfort zone.

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