Saying FU To Your Fears

Looking back at our hike up Vernal Falls I can now think of so many more reasons that could have led me to say, "no freaking way am I doing that...". Examples? I could have slipped and fallen off a cliff, there were signs stating the yearly injured/death toll, I did my math wrong and it was actually a 4 mile hike, we decided to tackle one of the tougher trails in the area.. The list could go on.

But instead I said FU to my fears!

Our fears hold us back from pursuing so many things in our lives - simple things, amazing things, life changing things. That's just no fun now is it? But yeah, I totally hear you - sometimes it's not as easy as just telling your fears to go away. It take work, determination, commitment, and sometimes even tricking ourselves a little bit.

So is there really a secret to getting over that hurdle? I wholeheartedly believe there is. Are you ready? Focus on the destination, not the journey. Sounds super easy and super vague right? Cool Olivia! That's not helpful! Think of it this way - when you were in school you had to learn how to solve a + b = 8. One answer, and multiple combinations to get there. 

That my friends is how you kick your fears in the butt!

Example: a + b = Getting to the top of Vernal Falls. My a was really wanting to walk away with that kind of mind blowing experience under my belt (and vlogging it). My b was not reading too much into what the hike involved and getting started on the hike as soon as possible.

Here are some methods you could try to help with your own fears:

  • Preoccupy your mind - focus on something constructive, relaxing, or distracting.
  • Focus on the end goal - use it to pumped yourself up and work harder to reach it.
  • Jump into it - don't dip your toe in the water, canon ball that bad boy.
  • Deep breathing - keep yourself calm and focused.
  • Think about all of the positives that can come from you beating your fear.
  • (For physical things) slowly acclimate yourself to being near it, touching/holding it, etc.
  • Have a friend or family member be on motivational duty. There to support you and help you push forward.


Find your formula and put it into action over the next few days, week, or month to kick a fear in the butt that's been holding you back lately!

Check out the vlog below to see my kick fears booty for one seriously mind blowing experience out at Yosemite National Park.

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