Preparing for Hurricane Irma

So it's definitely looking like Hurricane Irma is making her way to Florida and as of today (Thursday Sept. 7th) it looks like it's going to ride up the East coast. We're pretty much as prepared as possible (with the exception of a full tank of gas) to ride out this hurricane. 
This is a category 5 hurricane and shouldn't be taken lightly, but Jim and I have lived here in Tampa for a combined time of 10 years and have never come across a life threatening storm situation. The way things are looking now we're not too worried and are just living in a day by day mentality.
-Pulled out every bottle, container, jug - you name it - to fill with water to drink. We also plan on filling tubs and sinks for extra cleaning water or to use to flush the toilets.
-Secured all of the stuff on our back porch in preparation for the high winds.
-Picked up some groceries to live like college students for a while ... oh I'm sorry, I mean non perishables.
-We're ready to fasten some closet doors that we've removed and have been hanging on to for a while to the outside (or inside) of the house over our front facing windows to be a buffer for any debris. 
We do have somewhere to go if we need to evacuate but I am really thinking it most likely won't come to that. 
My biggest hope...
People won't forget about helping others, lending a hand, and keeping in perspective what's really important and holds value in the midst of all of the chaos and need to take care of ourselves. I also really hope that people with pets don't lose site of the fact that even though they are animals - they are your family and shouldn't be left to survive on their own. 
To everyone in Irma's path - Stay safe, be smart, and push forward. 
You keep staying simply awesome,
and I'll keep staying SimplyOli.

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