Preparing for a Life Change

Our lives are constantly changing. Sometimes those changes are small ones like getting a haircut, driving a different route to work, or even meeting new people. But as we all know too well, sometimes those changes are big…like crazy big. I’m talking about moving, babies, school, marriage, you name it! Those whoppers can be a lot to take in and even more daunting when you try to think about how to prepare yourself for them. Before we get into just a few simple steps to help all of us feel a little less overwhelmed, let’s talk about why these changes seem SO intimidating.
Most of us find comfort in routine and repetition to some extent. For me, even the routine of my daughter coming into my bed in the morning, asking for her IPad and a cup of milk, then letting me sleep for 30 more minutes is a huge comfort. Life changes always feel like they throw a BIG wrench into that. For example, we have a new baby coming here soon, and whether you have kids of your own or not, I think we all know that is going to change up my morning routine quite a bit! Shaking things up is scary and exciting, but if we can keep focusing on the positive aspects of that change (and trust me you can ALWAYS find some), rather than dwelling on potential negatives we can all get through things a lot smoother.
NOW, onto those three glorious steps!
I want to make it very clear that we will never be able to FULLY prepare for a big life change. I’m talking more about preparing to the best of your ability, both mentally and physically. Do research, educate yourself, get the supplies you need, make any necessary arrangements, and envision what things might be like after. The more prepared we can be, the less intimidated we will feel!
Don’t Overthink It
It’s far too easy to get caught up in the obsession of what might go wrong, or how fantastic things will be once this change comes to fruition. I am a firm believer that it’s good to try to envision briefly the different outcomes, but harmful to set certain standards of “this is how it’s going to be!”. The truth is we just don’t know what it’s going to be like, and it will be far less stressful if we focus on the things we can manage here in the present.
Confidence & Trust
You need to be able to have confidence and trust in how you’ll handle things when the time comes. I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that we are ALL capable of far more than we may give ourselves credit for. We were built to adapt to any given situation and your own life changing pace is no exception.
Life is always challenging us by changing directions and it is truly a beautiful thing. Whether you see it as a negative or a positive is entirely in your hands.
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