Overcoming Your Fears & Self Doubt

I had SO MUCH FUN chatting on the Creative Women's League Podcast and kicking my self doubt in the butt! I can't believe I almost said no when Kate asked me to come on the show, and I'm so glad I didn't. I learned so much about myself and was able to share some fun stories that I've never shared before. I absolutely love that it was a podcast full of laughs even though we touched on some serious topics. 

Sometimes opportunities are going to come knocking that leave you feeling unsure, anxious, and ready to start slowly backing away to your safe bubble. We miss out on so much in life by letting our fear get the best of us. Sure, there are times when you might say yes and go for whatever it is that's making you uneasy and the end result isn't the greatest. BUT you learned from it. You walked away with a new little nugget of knowledge you didn't have before.

I almost said no because I was scared I wouldn't sound as put together as some of the other women I've loved listening to. I immediately thought - but I'm not successful, there isn't XXXX amount of dollars in my bank account. But I don't have a huge following on social media...

That was when I switched gears in how I was thinking - You have a story to tell. Money doesn't define your success, you're successful because you're doing what you love. 

There are plenty of times in life where it's okay to say no. But don't let those times be driven by fear. Explore new things, step out of that beautiful box you've come to know and love, and don't sweat the little stuff that could go awry. 

Here are my tips:
  • Try to keep a smile on.
  • Pay attention to how tense your body might become and try to relax those muscles.
  • Keep things light and fun.
  • Focus on the little positive things.
  • Give yourself an out loud pep talk (seriously, it helps).
I'd love for you to check out the podcast! You can listen to it here -- http://apple.co/2vVipmk
You keep staying simply awesome,
and I'll keep staying SimplyOli.

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