Natural Makeup - Owning Your Beauty


Gone are the days where I would load up on the heavy black eyeliner that I couldn't bare seeing my face without. Gone are the days where I would straighten my hair 3+ times a day so I wouldn't be embarrassed by the fluff or the curls. After having my first daughter, it put in perspective how much obsessing over things like that was wasting precious time. It was from that moment on that I decided to embrace my look, be proud of what I used to think were flaws, and flaunt the woman that my husband always tells me is beautiful.

You can wear makeup without covering up that beautiful face of yours. You'll see in my video that I really only use a small amount to cover up a little bit of my tired mom eyes, and the red spots from acne breakouts. I've gotten the compliment "you have such a natural beauty" (by no means am I trying to toot my own horn) and I feel flattered but also a little sad that in a world full of elaborate makeup a "natural" look seems a little more rare. 

We all have that natural beauty and I'm hoping that you will find the confidence to embrace yours.

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