My Night Routine - Up Until 5am

Staying up every night until 5am is pretty crazy, I know. But it's amazing how much I can get done!

We've all known that feeling at some point. That feeling where there's just not enough time in the day to get things done. Since becoming a mom of two I've constantly felt the struggle of not being able to dedicate the time I need to my business, my passion. I won't lie, it's hard to run SimplyOli with minimal help (being a stay at home mom is a full time job in itself). I finally reached a point where I was done complaining and feeling sorry for myself about it, and decided to take some action.

My day pretty much consists of waking up at noon (the baby LOVES sleeping in - and Jim helps with the girls in the morning if they're up early), getting little chunks of work done through the day if I can - but it's mostly mom focused. Then the kiddos go to bed around 11-12 at night, and then my time to work and work out begins! Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes we have to figure out a system that work for us to make the seemingly impossible possible. I know this isn't what life will ALWAYS look like, but for right now it's getting the job done and making me feel 100% better.

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