Make Life About Experiences

I've been dying to try paddle boarding since I was pregnant with Paige. I knew it would be a while before that was something I'd be able to experience. Thanks to my amazing friend Evelyn (the one who's in the video with me of course) my birthday gift was to finally give it a go. Oh my gosh you guys, I am officially in love. I had so much fun and yet was incredibly relaxed all at the same time. It was a moment where taking care of me came back into perspective.

I'm the kind of person that rarely does the "go out with friends" thing. My life really does revolve around my work and my family, and that's okay. I understand that is what it has to be (and honestly is what I want it to be) right now. The good friends will be there when the fun opportunities arise. I love that my husbands desire to invest in experiences over material things has really rubbed off on me. I never want to stop exploring new ventures and trying new things.

Sometimes we need a little push (like a friend giving you one hell of a birthday present) to break out of the daily grind. But it's so worth it to step back and enjoy the view from time to time.

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