Life Isn't Always Picture Perfect


We’re in a new day and age, one where everyone can see everything…well, almost everything. Social media has created an environment for all of us to share and stay connected, but sometimes with one unfortunate downside. Anyone’s life can look picture perfect. We watch as people share their amazing travels, gorgeous café brunches, happy children, or otherwise less than dull lives. But the truth is, there’s a tendency to not want to share the boring, simple, or less than pretty moments. Maybe because it would taint this dream like image we’ve painted, or it may not get as many likes as that selfie you shot 10 times over from different angles and in different lighting.


Let’s be real for a minute, and just share the struggles that we might not normally. I’m more than guilty of only sharing that cute photo of my kid and not letting on about the fact that she was screaming and being a little jerk during most of our mini photo shoot. Who else has been there? For me, living with bipolar disorder is something that constantly keeps my life from looking anywhere near perfect. Do I have it under control most of the time? I do. But I’ll be honest, there are days where I don’t have it together. I do my best to share that with others though, so people know that these kinds of things do exist, struggles are real, and they may not be glamorous - but there’s no shame in that. The most amazing part is, I’ve connected with so many people who didn’t have someone else to relate to because of taking the time to just be honest.


It’s up to us to set the new norm. That’s not to say I think we should all post every little negative thing going on, but we should be willing to share the imperfect, and be okay with laughing at it or finding comfort in the fact that someone out there is right there with you. Share that messy desk, post a gorgeous stylized photo of your shoe that just broke, or make a video about the fact that there must be a hole in your chin because you spill whatever your drinking on yourself on a regular basis (yeah, seriously…this has been me my whole life – forever uncoordinated). Let’s be more about relating and less about upstaging!

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