Keeping Things Simple

Life is kind of like a game of Tetris ... most of the time, you know which pieces are going to be the super easy ones to make fit so you knock those out quickly. Then, when a really tricky piece shows up later on, you have a little more time to focus on getting that one to fit the best you can. 

I wanted to share my routine for turning my purse into a diaper bag because honestly it's one of those easy pieces for me. Managing kids outside of the house is a task in itself so it's always nice to know that I have a little system that leaves me with every important thing I need for typical situations that arise. Bonus: it also leaves me with both hands free!

Life is complicated. 

Learn which small tasks help make your day a little less stressful - like making a to do list the night before, meal prep, schedule out your day or week, even taking walks regularly. How I prep and pack my purse always leaves me feeling a little more at ease (especially with the chaos that is children). 

Find the little things that bring you joy or relief, keep doing them, and make them a priority. You deserve it!


You keep staying simply awesome,
and I'll keep staying SimplyOli. 

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