Is There Really A "Right" Decision?

Life is really good at constantly presenting us with choices, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. We always default to wanting to make the "right" choice, but that's where things get more overwhelming than they need to be. Most of the time, it's not that one thing is right while the other is wrong - typically things aren't normally that black and white. We need to rewire our thinking and look at it from this perspective:

What will be most beneficial to me in the stage I'm in right now?

Just like trying to make the decision between Shopify or Etsy (which I go into detail in the video below), it really boils down to what was going to work best for me at that point in time with my jewelry business. The bells and whistles I needed and the outcome I was searching for was far different 2 years ago than it is today.

Our worlds are constantly changing and so are our needs. Does that mean we should constantly be wishy washy on our decisions? No. But it also doesn't mean making a certain decision locks us in for life. You, your business, your family, etc. grows and evolves each and every day.

Don't overwhelm yourself with the worry of making the "wrong" decision, because even if maybe you didn't choose the most efficient path, system, dodad, or whatever - you most likely learned a valuable lesson from it. If we're being totally honest here...this is how I view every past relationship I've had.

So here's my trick to simplifying a decision, and make sure you are being as honest as you can with this.


The next time you're feeling extremely overwhelmed by a decision make three lists - the first list includes all of the things you are looking for from the choice you're about to make, the second includes pro's and cons from one decision, and the third list includes pro's and cons from the other decision (if you have more than 2 then do that for all). 

I know a lot of makers out there like myself are looking for a good platform to sell their products on, so I break down the pro's & con's of Etsy & Shopify since I've had experience with both. If you need some help deciding between the two I would definitely check it out!


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