Hustle & Rest

If you want something bad enough you'll have to work hard ... like, really hard. That  might lead to you getting seriously burnt out. Whether that be emotionally, physically, creatively, or maybe even all of the above. Once you've reached your goal or rather even the point of extreme exhaustion you NEED to make sure you rest. 

Everyone talks about the "hustle" and if you're not hustling then you're not trying hard enough. That's just not the reality though. Hustle and rest are that old couple walking down the street still holding hands - #relationshipgoals am I right? It's that beautiful unity you dream of having some day, and one wouldn't work without the other.

Rest comes in so many forms, and what is rest for you might not be for someone else. Here are some ways to rest that you might want to start considering:

  • Doing something that's not work - go to a movie, hang out with a friend, take a walk.
  • (For parents) spend time snuggling or playing with your kids.
  • Take some time at night to do some star gazing.
  • Make time for extra sleep.
  • Spend some quality time with your significant other or a family member.
  • Veg out and watch a new show on Netflix.
  • Curl up in bed a read a book.
  • Work out / do yoga (I know that sounds contradictory - but it's rest from the hustle).
  • Listen to some of your favorite music.


When you're swimming - you have to come up for air, and when drive your car a lot you stop to fill up on gas. Taking time to rest for yourself is no different. Whether you choose to do shorter frequent rests, or hustle for a long haul and take a longer rest - that's up to you. But you WILL need it. We need to make sure we give ourselves that time before our bodies decide it for us and it comes with bigger consequences. 

The latest vlog is me right at the end of my hustle, ready to take a good week of rest and avoiding overworking myself again.


You keep staying simply awesome,

and I'll keep staying SimplyOli.

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