How to Reach a Short Term Goal

So, like a crazy person I set up 3 events in a row - one of them being a 3 day comic convention. You think I would have prepped more before hand but no... So now I'm in panic mode trying to create a ton of jewelry (which I just counted and actually came out to 100 pieces!!! WHAT?!) I guess that's what happens when I kick in to high gear and put on my creative blinders.

When I have a goal I need to reach in a short amount of time this is the system I always use:

  1. Prioritize my workflow: What takes the most time and needs to be done first? 
  2. Schedule out what absolutely NEEDS to get done each day of the week: This helps me stay on a dedicated timeline and also allows me to keep track of what I've done and when I've done it.
  3. Checklists galore: I get SUPER organized so that nothing gets overlooked. You'll typically find me using a least 3 different checklists at once.
  4. Doing whatever it takes: I'll be 100% honest with you - if I'm running tight on time (because you know ... mom responsibilities) I will run on 3-5 hours of sleep. Bed at 7am up at 10am if that's what it takes. I DON'T recommend this - but it is what I do. Scheduling things out ahead of time so that you can avoid this is ideal.
  5. Let go of tasks that aren't absolutely necessary: Chances are not everything is of DIRE importance so if you need to skip some things without it affecting reaching your overall go - do it if you have to. Ex: I didn't upload a video last week and also completely skipped making a certain style of jewelry simply from lack of time.
  6. Ask for help: Get help if you can from family or friends. I don't ever hire a sitter but my husband watching the kids a bit or asking a friend for a little help here and there can make a world of a difference.

It won't come without stress or struggle but as long as you stay focused, know that all of the exhaustion is temporary, and put on those creative blinders - you can reach that goal!

If you want to see me struggling (because you know why not?) and an inside look at me creating jewelry check out the video below!


You keep staying simply awesome,

and I'll keep staying SiimplyOli.

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