How To Find Time For You

Do you constantly feel like there's not enough time in your day? Well that's where you're wrong. It's not about needing more time (which is a lost cause anyway, until someone builds some crazy machine that would exist in a Marvel movie), it's about your perspective on the time you have. 

Instead of wanting more, flip that logic on it's head and be incredibly grateful for every moment that you are able to be present in. Because the truth about those people that seem to do it all day in and day out is not that they have more time than you, it's that they prioritize their time.

I promise you, it does not matter if you have a full time job, or kids, or you're really busy saving the world - you can find the time for things you want/need. I used to think I didn't have time to meditate or do yoga until I made them a priority. They are at the core of me feeling balanced and calm. So they became a daily priority that I needed to function at my fullest - among all the chaos making jewelry, filming videos, writing blogs, taking care of my 2 girls, and tending to our home and pets.

Our lives do not need to be over stressed by the numbers on a clock or the days in a calendar. And I'm not saying you'll be able to prioritize everything you want every single day. That's the beauty of time though. I plan out each day according to what's a priority. Because if I "don't have time" today, I can find the time for it tomorrow.

If you walk away with one piece of knowledge from this, it's that you need to stop saying if only I had more time. And focus on how you can prioritize your days so that you can feel fulfilled in how you're spending your time.

Maybe that looks like watching less t.v. so that you can go for walks more. Or you ease off filling your day with extra work so that you can cook a meal from scratch. You might even sit in your car an extra 30 minutes in the driveway so that you can chat with a friend on the phone.

Here are 10 ways you can find time for self care:

It's time to change your perspective, and if you need a little reminder you can download a free phone background that'll do just that by simply entering your name and email below.


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