How Do You Define Success?

Being successful is one of those tricky topics, because everyone is most often going to give you a different answer to what success is. It’s something that we really need to evaluate individually to find out what success means for us. I’m going to be perfectly honest with all of you here. For me, success really comes down to doing what I love, but also contributing to my family financially. I know that I contribute A LOT just by being a stay at home mom, and taking care of our daughter and home.

Running my own business on top of that can be exhausting and so much work, but I absolutely love it! These last couple of months have been a weird middle, because I feel successful in the sense that I am pushing myself creatively and living a life I love. But, how much I’ve made so far, this year is the lowest it’s been since I started my business two years ago. It’s been disheartening, because that too is how I define success (and by no means am I looking to make astronomical amounts of money – just enough to help cover a few bills here and there).

That’s just the thing, we aren’t going to be or feel successful all the time. Let’s take a minute to accept that, and then use it to fuel our drive to be doing or working towards what we love. We all crave “success” and whatever that entails for us personally, but it’s not something that falls in your lap. It takes hard work, perseverance, and determination.


Let’s focus on some small steps to help us work towards the success we desire.


Figure out what makes you light up

 Go back to the basics and figure out what makes you happy! Success and happiness really do go hand in hand. Write it down! Make a list of things you enjoy, or what you would like your life to look like. Taking the time to lay it all out in front of you can make a world of a difference.


Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses

Know what areas you strive in, but also recognize what you don’t enjoy as much (or is more difficult to you). If you struggle with certain things, either work on educating yourself and work towards understanding them more and getting better at them, OR ask for help! We’re not going to be great (or even enjoy) every aspect of life or business and there’s no harm in getting a helping hand.


Don’t let fear hold you back

Trying new things, exploring, and stepping out of your comfort zone can seem scary. These can be incredibly necessary when working towards a successful life. When we fear the “what if’s”, we don’t make progress. The worst that can happen is that you fail, or things don’t go how you thought. What that does lead to though, is a lesson. Learn from the experience, walk away with those golden nuggets of information you didn’t have before, and keep pushing forward.


Form a plan, set goals, and be determined

Approach things constructively and with a fierce sense of determination. Maybe we’ll get to that success flying by the seat of our pants, but it’s probably going to take much longer, and the chances of getting there won’t be as high. When you’re focused, you’re unstoppable.


I wish you nothing but the utmost success in your own life! Let’s take action, kick that drive into full gear, and snag that success that is rightfully ours!

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