How Becoming a Mother Changed My Life


Growing up I had no problem openly expressing my dislike for babies and little kids.I never babysat or dreamed of my future husband/wedding. Ironic that I would become a proud mom of two right? The plan was to go to college, get a degree, and work for a company - there really wasn't much of a plan beyond that.

Surprise, surprise.

Soon after graduating I had a kiddo, got married, and became a stay at home mom...yeah, wasn't expecting that one. Though it was a curve ball, I feel like I really hit a home run with this one (feels weird using a sports analogy since I'm not a sports fan..). Thanks to starting my family, I got my health back on track and started SimplyOli. Being healthy and becoming an entrepreneur were not even remotely high on my list of priorities before getting pregnant, but now I can't imagine my life any other way.

By no means is having a baby going to solve all your problems, but luckily for me it helped me make change for the better. Sometimes I wonder how much easier my days would be if I wasn't a mom - but what's the point in wondering when I'm already so grateful for the life I have.

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