Feed Your Curiosity

In my line of work I'm always searching for things in nature that could be given a new life in a piece of jewelry. But I truly think it's an amazing way to live as well. Always taking in your surroundings - the vast sky above you or the hundreds of shells below your feet (at least this was my case visiting Venice Beach). 

There's a little urge inside all of us to stop, look, smell, touch, or even pick up beautiful things in nature around us. It's inspiring, it's uplifting. It's a reminder of the world living around you. That's one of the reasons I enjoy re-purposing nature. I love carrying around a reminder to always stay in touch with curiosity.

We can become consumed with our lives, jobs, money, social status, responsibilities, bills, etc. but we should never lose sight of wonder. Taking in all of natures little details is one of the easiest ways to press pause on life for a minute. You're thought focuses on studying something new and takes you to a place disconnected from reality for a brief moment. Sounds glorious right?


Go for a walk and make an effort to really explore your surroundings. Slow down and give yourself time to reconnect with the world we live in.

Even when I was off vacationing I couldn't let go of my sense of wonder. Let's just say I brought home more shells from the beach than I had planned. Check it out in the vlog below!


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