Don't Be Afraid To Be Weird

We’re all different. We all have quirks. Let’s be honest, we are all a little bit weird. I’ll tell you right now, being weird is an amazing thing! I don’t know if it’s my personality, the way my parents raised me, or other outside circumstances – but I’m usually not one to hide what makes me different.

Take a minute, and think about things you might do, or say, that you might tuck away and hide from others (and no I’m not talking about in a professional setting. That’s a whole other ball game!). Now ask yourself, why do you hide it? Do you think you’ll be embarrassed? Maybe, someone won’t want to talk to you if they find out that you’re … a little weird?


I can’t tell you how much more confident it makes me when I stand by my quirks, and am proud of them! I know what you might be thinking. She can’t be that weird. It’s probably not that bad. Let the list begin…

-I burp louder than most men.

-My hiccups sound so outrageous, that I am literally KNOWN for them.

-I have multiple collections of dead things around my house. And yes, proudly displayed.

-I am really good at making ridiculous faces (and I tend to do them for photo’s more often than smiling).


I could keep going, but let’s just call it good at that. I firmly believe that owning what makes you weird (and honestly, makes you unique, and who you are) helps you build stronger relationships. If you have to alter what makes you fun, different, unique, or an individual for another person, then I promise you they are not going to last, and aren’t worth your time. Because I am confident in my crazy self, I landed a husband who admires and loves all of those traits. Along with feeling comfortable being his own crazy self too. Ironically, we had both come out of previous relationships where we couldn’t truly be who we are. Talk about refreshing!

Let people in, be honest, and seriously … learn to laugh at yourself. I know firsthand, putting how weird you are out there isn’t all icing and rainbows. People might make judgement, or say hurtful things. Do you know why they do that? Your confidence scares them. Maybe, they don’t feel the most confident in themselves – and that’s their problem. But I promise you, stand your ground, be yourself, and you will attract the right kind of people for you.

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