Do You Need It?

The other day I was listening to an episode of The Lively Show (which I highly recommend if you're interested in law of attraction) and she made a point that initially left a bad taste in my mouth. She basically talked about how we don't even "need" to live, and how it's a choice that we're making. Of course it made me think of my past with depression and suicidal thoughts and immediately struck me as insensitive.

Then, it really got me thinking about how I define "needs". Especially in respect to needs and wants.

For me, needs have always looked like food, water, air in my lungs - but have also expanded more than I realized. I need to make money. I need to pay my bills. I need a roof over my head. I need clothes on my back. 

Why have I always looked at things like happiness, a healthier lifestyle, and time to myself, as wants? It made me realize that needs and wants end up not fitting in a mold but rather being whatever we choose for them to be. Also, that we shouldn't only focus on what we think we need, but also allow ourselves to have things we want as well.

Jess Lively was totally right! We make the choice every day to breath in air, fuel our bodies with food and water, and continue living our lives. So if we're making this choice everyday, why would we choose to just go through the motions of life and adhere to what society has defined as our needs and not make our dreams, interests, and happiness a priority?

Now, my needs tend to revolve around longevity as to where my wants act as more of a reminder to encourage the feeling of happiness. Without this getting too confusing I think it would be amazing to WANT my needs as a way to remove any negative connotation that might be associated with them. Let's list this out a little using me as an example with this new perspective:

NEEDS (longevity):

  • Eating, drinking, breathing (I want to nourish and fuel my body).
  • Yoga (I want to feel strong and at peace).
  • A positive outlook on life (I want to smile and share that feeling with others).
  • Money (I want to amplify the life I'm already living and pay my bills for the services I'm fortunate enough to utilize).

WANTS (reminders):

  • Crystals to decorate with.
  • A new purse.
  • A small desk.
  • To go paddle boarding.

What I love is that we can apply positive thinking to both rather than feeling like we have to sacrifice our wants for our needs or we have to "deserve" the things we want.

Open a note on your phone or pull out pencil and paper and jot out what falls under needs and wants for you. See where things sit, how you could re-categorize them, and different ways you could look at them so that everything you list leaves you with a positive feeling!

When we can frequently check in with ourselves and our mindset it helps us have a better understanding of our thinking, emotions, and actions.

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