10 Tips to Calm Your Kids After Getting Hurt

Let's just get right to it. Your kid getting hurt sucks. It's no fun for them and definitely no fun for you. BUT there are ways to make it a little less "painful" all around, and even potentially avoid any freak outs in the first place. I really think more often than not kids react more-so because they are scared rather than actually being hurt. So let's get into those tips!

When it first happens:

1) Avoid reacting in a panic - kids play so much off of our emotions, so we tend to set the ground work for how they'll react.

2) Encourage them - cheer them on saying that was an AMAZING fall and tell them how strong they are.

3) Don't rush over to help them up - allow them to learn that they don't need to rely on someone tho help them out of every little fall.

If they are already upset:

4) Talk them through the fall - reassure them it's okay, tell them to breath, and suggest that getting back out there will help them feel better.

5) Try to distract them - I don't mean with treats or rewards but rather get them talking about something else, try to make them laugh, etc.

6) DON'T blame another object for their discomfort - the fall is typically an accident and no one is to blame. Avoid teaching them to blame other things for their problems.

7) Comfort them - offering emotional and physical comfort to help calm them, but the end goal is to get them back to what they were doing to help avoid them becoming scared of that object or situation.

8) Show them it's not scary - by putting yourself in the same setting it shows everything will be okay.

9) Don't discount their feelings - even if it seems small to you, it can be a big deal to them. Talking down their emotions will only make them feel bad, embarrassed, or ashamed.

10) Keep things as light hearted and fun as possible - kids emotions are so fleeting, and once they get over initial tears they'll most likely be in a good mood if you are.

There you have it! Super simple!

Obviously, I'm not a professional in this area, and am only speaking from personal experience as a parent. These also aren't intended to be applied to fights with other kids or serious injuries. These tips are really for falls, scrapes, bumps, and bruises acquired from your kiddo just playing regularly.

If you want to see me actually putting these tips into action check out the video below! Piper falls off of her scooter for the first time and get's a couple of scraps. You'll see me walk her through a lot of these tips and the end result.


I hope this helps you with any future tumbles and stumbles! Comment below with any tips you use to help get through those not so fun falls.


You keep staying simply awesome,

and I'll keep staying SimplyOli.

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