Connection Through Confession

Have you every heard someone share something weird about themselves and it made you go - oh my gosh I can totally relate! I know I have!

It's so beneficial to be honest and share some of the not so pretty/maybe even kind of funny things about ourselves. We're all human beings and a little bit of ridiculous honesty can make us relate in such a beautiful and innocent way. I truly believe bonding and connecting over traits that aren't so much the "norm" makes for an even more meaningful relationship.

Have fun, be honest, and let people get to know the real you! Sure, you might be a little nervous of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable, but if it leads to one genuine connection than it's worth it!


Flex your courage this week and share one unusual thing you do with other people and maybe encourage others to share something about themselves as well (I recently did this in an Instagram post). Even if no one responds you still took that leap and put yourself out there - baby steps!


I share some of my own weird quirks in the video below. I'd love to hear some of yours as well in the comments below!

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