Change Is A Good Thing

Change - a word that can be daunting, stressful, involves work, etc. But change can also be a really amazing word. A word that catapults us into something bigger than ourselves. When it comes right down to it, change is what you make it.

Life is in constant motion and change is ALWAYS going to happen. Will you let it change you for the better or for the worse? If you even want to boil this down to optimism and pessimism you totally could. I don't think we are one or the other. I think we have optimistic moments and pessimistic moments. Although some of us might lean on one view more than the other.

Becoming a mom changed me in ways I could have never imagined (which I talk about in the video below). My kids helped open my eyes to a lot of things. Is having a baby the answer to any problem? No, and you can certainly live happily without having had any. But I know I personally changed a lot after having them and I've decided to embrace those changes, run with them, and create a new me.A better me. 

Even more difficult changes, like the ones that happen without your say so, still leave you with the power to decide how you take action. Will you let it tear you down, or will you give that moment the middle finger and start working towards something better?


Look at the last big change that happened to you - how did you handle it? How did it change you? Was it for the better or for the worse? Would you do things differently next time or do you feel confident about how you came away from that change?


How exactly have I changed since becoming a mom? Find out in the video below:


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