Challenge Yourself

2017 has been an absolutely crazy year now that I'm really taking a hard look back at it. I started my YouTube channel, had a baby, my husband closed his studio, and my business began changing. 

So naturally I decided to end this year by pushing my limits even further...

I went all out for this years Black Friday weekend sales (you can check out the details here - and decided I would try my hand at Vlogmas (basically I'll be uploading a vlog every single day of December). Maybe I'm crazy, because I'm definitely not bored.

Even though I know I already have my hands full, I always enjoy a challenge. It keeps me on my toes and is a way for me to show myself my own strength and what I'm capable of. Pushing your potential is an incredibly powerful tool for motivation. And here's the beautiful thing - even if you "fail" you still tried. You made an effort, learned lessons, and get to know yourself better. You can always try again.

Challenges are awesome because they aren't necessarily forever. Will I ever be a daily vlogger? It's not in the plans as of now...but I'll never know if it's something I'd even enjoy if I never try. So here's to stepping out on that limb and spreading our little baby bird wings!


Take out a piece of paper, a plan a challenge for yourself. Maybe you want to drink a gallon of water a day, or you want to spend more time with friends and family. Write out your challenge, plan the length of time (a week, month, 3 months), and try your best!

** In the video below: I share my excitement for new challenges and share a little more as to why I haven't been vlogging with  my kids as much. 

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