Being Yourself & Being Confident

We're living in a time when everyone is constantly getting judged for something - ESPECIALLY in regards to motherhood. It's easy to let those voices flood our heads and make us constantly question ourselves. Maybe we take someone's critique - maybe we don't. But we should always stay true to who we are.

Being yourself, and being proud of that is such a precious commodity. Hold onto it tightly and never let it go. When you can hold your head high and be proud of who you are it brings you a sense of confidence. And confidence my friends, is far more precious than diamonds or gold.

Confidence gets a bad wrap unfortunately. It's so often associated with being conceited, having an obnoxiously large ego, and even money or power. But being confident can be subtle, inspiring, and even humbling. It's that level of comfort you can have with yourself along with not being overwhelmed with self doubt.

We're all capable of being ourselves and being confident individuals! All it takes is putting these things into consistent practice.


The next time you are in a group setting - take a deep breath in and straighten your posture while doing it, smile, and say in your head (hell, even out loud) I am _____ (choose a positive affirmation that makes you feel confident - smart, strong, beautiful, funny, unique, etc. It could even be more than one word.). Then go and interact with people.

I'm an awkward mom and I know it! I'll share that side of myself even if someone was to disagree with my way of parenting. You can see all of my awkward moments in the video below.

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