Back to the Workflow 101

I can tell you with complete honesty that having a baby has thrown the way I run my business out of whack. Surprisingly though, not in the way you might think. Running a business while managing a small child (and now, two of them) really is a “get stuff done as you can” process. The tricky part for me hasn’t so much been the new baby part, but the fact that we have had various family as house guests for a solid month now.


I don’t know about you, but when we have people over I really try hard to stay social and not shut myself away doing work or what have you (although, I have had to every few hours since I am exclusively pumping). Hence, my work dilemma! It’s only been a few weeks since having our little girl, but I am ready for some routine and getting back to that creative outlet I’m lucky enough to call my job.


Lately, I’ve been working out how to get back into an efficient work flow. Since I know that doing a cannon ball into that pool isn’t really an option, I’ll be dipping my toe in first and working my way down those steps until I’m back out in the water swimming again.


Here are some tips to help get back into the swing of things, along with ways that I’ll be using them as well!



Cutting the silence

Sometimes breaking from our routine can mean disconnecting ourselves from others. It’s time to break out of the shell and start getting a little more social.

For me: I’m usually super active and outgoing on social media and boy have I been feeling guilty about hardly ever posting and being very closed off. I plan on taking baby steps and getting back to posting at least once a day and then eventually more.


Finding the passion

Why did we love doing what we were doing? Really soul search on this one, and find the passion that drives you to want to work. Let that passion fuel you again!

For me: I love that I have a job that allows me to be a stay at home mom and fuels the three major parts of my personality – creativity (my jewelry), fun/outgoing (my vlogs), and helping others through knowledge from my own struggles (my blogs).


Implement a strategy

It’s one thing to say, “okay, I really need to get my butt back into gear” and another to do it. Write out a simple list of tasks you can start to tackle or even a small daily strategy to get back in the habit.

For me: In trusty calendar, I like to write out a list of bigger tasks I’d like to accomplish within the month. I also like to look at the upcoming week and lay out a small number of daily tasks I want to get accomplished each day.


Look at the end goal

Why is it so important that you get back into that workflow? Let that destination be a goal you continually aim to work towards. If it wasn’t worth it, we wouldn’t be working so hard to get back to it, right?

For me: I am going to be perfectly transparent here. I love my business because it fuels my passions, but it also helps to support my little family. It’s been incredibly hard seeing that I haven’t had a single sale in over a month (of course completely due to my lack of effort put into my business). I’m ready to get back to doing what I love and having it help support us.

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