Approaching Depression

My biggest fear used to actually be seeing my girls struggle with bipolar disorder. I've come to terms with it more now, and if it's something they end up having to go through I will be there for them every single step of the way. I feel for my parents so much now, simply because of the fact that it would be heartbreaking to see either of my girls have to deal with that amount of sadness and even self harm or suicidal thoughts - and that's exactly what they had to endure.

Depression isn't like a light switch you can turn on or off. Some people (like myself) deal with it in waves while others it's a more constant battle. Just know if you've never dealt with it, that it is real and your understanding and compassion is all anyone dealing with this could every ask for. 

Emotions are such a powerful thing and should never be discounted. We can try to do our best to keep them in check but that takes years of hard work and even then we're never 100% in control - no one is, not even me. I am so grateful every single day that I am able to go un-medicated, but it's not without constant work and occasional slip ups. I reference my "monthly meltdown" in the video below.

Whenever someone close to me is going through a struggle (depression or not) my go to's are always physical comfort (like a hug) and laughter. I do my absolute best to never leave a conversation where someone was sad without having ended it with laughter. This is where I'm calling on you:


The next time someone needs a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, or is struggling silently and isn't going out of their way to ask for help just be there for them. Don't pry or try to give them the perfect answer but help make them feel a different emotion, a better one. Sometimes having someone there to share your problems with or just lean on when you need to cry can help so much more than dealing with it alone.


You can check out my little experiment I did to see how much depression affects the way I think in the video below.

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