Age is Just a Number


Let’s just say it right out of the gate – I am 26 years old. I know, I know … you might be thinking, what does she know about aging? She’s not 30, 40, 50, etc. yet. She’ll find out soon enough! I don’t have any idea what the future holds as far as how I’ll look and feel 10+ years from now. But what I do know I have control of, is the way I perceive age, and how I let it affect the decisions I make. Guess what? You do too!


I truly believe that obsessing over your age leads you to inevitably limiting yourself and your experiences. Telling yourself you can’t dress a certain way, explore a new work out, or experience new places and people because your “X” years old sets you up for failure. Maybe failure is a bit harsh, but it can rob you of some well-deserved happiness.


What I love about both my husband and I, is that we constantly forget how old we are (myself at 26 and him at 37). I think that is a BEAUTIFUL thing! We don’t let a number determine how we feel, whether or not we’ll explore something or somewhere new, and even whether or not we should love each other (rocking an 11 year difference!).


We should all focus on loving ourselves and how we’ve changed and grown more and more every year. Let go of what society perceives as the “norm” and shock them! Whether it be with your appearance or actions. Rock that grey hair! Let those wrinkles on your face remind you of all the laughs you’ve shared with others! Take up yoga or kick boxing when you’re in your 60’s! Don’t let your fears and hesitations hold you back.


Life is precious, and we shouldn’t squander our time dwelling on how things could have been back in the day, or if only we were 10 years younger. Do what makes you happy, and do it at a comfortable pace. Age really is just a number. It only has power over you, if you let it.

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