A Little Introduction


Hey everyone! I’m Olivia – the one woman show behind SimplyOli. I wanted to take some time to let you all get to know me a bit before kicking off this blog (a passion project of mine)! The new year had me thinking about what I truly wanted SimplyOli to be. The answer? I wanted it to be more than just jewelry, but a platform to connect with other woman, and share inspiration! Don’t get me wrong, I love making jewelry (and of course that will still be happening), but I love being able to help others and share advice just as much, if not more. I feel like it’s time to start giving back to all the beautiful souls out there!




So, a little bit about this lady right here. I am a happily married wife to my amazing husband Jim, and soon to be momma of TWO beautiful girls (Piper:  who is almost 3, and Paige: who will be making her debut here at the beginning of April). I run my little business, SimplyOli, from home in sunny Tampa, FL. I also have a small zoo consisting of two rescued pups (okay, they aren’t really pups anymore…), a crested gecko, savannah monitor lizard, and tortoise.




Some fun facts:

  • I have a BFA in Digital Photography – specifically products (Jim is a photographer as well)
  • My husband and I are huge geeks!.
  • I used to be terrified of butterflies (glad I worked through that one haha!)
  • I was a hardcore sugar addict – we’re talking a 32oz bag of Skittles and Mountain Dew for breakfast.
  • I love yoga, especially inversions
  • I live with bipolar disorder



Okay, I know that last one may not seem like a fun fact, but I like to be open and honest. Being bipolar has shaped who I am so much and I am very grateful for that. It’s given me insight and helped me grow in ways I never thought I could. I’ve lived with it unmedicated now for about 6 years, and it’s something I refuse to be ashamed of.

“Honesty is the best policy.”

That quote is really what is going to fuel this blog. I try to be as honest and real with my friends, family, and others as I can be. I think it’s something we could all use a little more of in our lives. So, let’s start this journey together! Let’s share, let’s be real, and let’s be honest.


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