8 Reasons Why Valentine's Day Isn't A Big Deal

It actually wasn't until I found deep love in my relationship and myself that I realized how much Valentine's Day just doesn't really matter. I'm sitting here alone in my pajama's working on this blog post.

I kissed my husband good bye when he left for work and I'll hug my kids when they get up from resting. I'm happy. I didn't get any gift, no flowers or chocolates, no dinner plans or parent's night out, no spa self love day. Because in this house we share our love daily, monthly, when it bubbles up inside of us and we want to share it. 

There's nothing wrong with celebrating and sharing love today, but it isn't necessary. You shouldn't feel alone or obligated to participate. So if you're single or in a relationship just share the love with yourself and others whenever, wherever without feeling the tie to or expectation of how one day should look.

Valentine's Day really isn't that big of a deal because:

  1. If you express love to yourself/significant other all year round, this one day doesn't really make a difference.
  2. We don't need to buy anything or have an elaborate experience to express love.
  3. Small frequent acts of love to ourselves and others are stronger long term than one (or a few) grandiose acts.
  4. It doesn't determine the value we have in ourselves or other people.
  5. One commercial holiday out of the year does not define who you are.
  6. You shouldn't feel obligated to express how much you care.
  7. We should aim to show love, kindness, and compassion to as many people as we can as often as we can.
  8. It's a day that isn't necessary.

I encourage you to celebrate life, love, friendships, relationships, your own amazing self DAILY. Find comfort within yourself where if you are single or have a significant other, Valentine's Day would be a good day with zero recognition or a good day with 1 present or 100. Don't let it carry any weight and be fine with or without it. 

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Anthony Gelly

The way I look at any holiday is just an excuse to splurge a little. I’m always so frugal, and holiday’s are great opportunities to spend outside my comfort zone.

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