5 Ways To Be More Positive

Do you ever catch yourself complaining frequently, pointing out "flaws" in yourself or your life, or having the feeling like life is just out to get you? 

Been there, done that.

It's a really crappy place to be and isn't much fun for anyone right? I had spent around 10 years of my life stuck in a really pessimistic mindset. When I finally worked my way out it changed my life in the best way! I want you to be able to live that kind of life too! A life where the tough things don't weigh on you as much, one where you exude a happiness that's contagious. I'd love to share with you some tips to help you get there! If you don't want to read it all simply skip to the video at the bottom or click HERE to get the same tips!

Here are 5 ways to become a more positive person:

  • Focus on amplifying your gratitude:  When you can focus your thoughts more on what is good, rather than the things going wrong you can say good bye to that doom and gloom cloud over your head. "Someone out there has it worse than I do", I don't use this saying to make my problems seem irrelevant but rather to invoke gratitude for the things I do have (ex: a home, food, family, etc.) 


  • Find little accomplishments in your day: Even noticing and appreciating the little things that go right can be a complete game changer and help get you on a path of more positive thinking (ex: I had a to do list of 5 things to get done and only got one of them checked off. Instead of stressing out and focusing on the 4 things I didn't manage to complete - I am grateful that I was able to get at least one of my tasks completed in the day!).


  • Positive affirmations: You can be an amazing cheerleader for yourself! You don't have to do all of the peppy-ness (unless that works for you), you could even say it to yourself with a stern but kind voice. My recommendation is say it out loud, and maybe even in a mirror to yourself - although I personally close my eyes and say it out loud repeatedly, then look at myself. Your retraining your brain to think a different way. And just like with trying to pass a test - repetition is how you drill it into memory.


  • Come to terms with the face that things aren't going to go smoothly all of the time: Do things go wrong? Yes. Is life going to be perfect? No. You're going to have to get used to that, and it's not a bad thing. Life works best in balance, it keeps thing from getting stagnant. The tough time are what help you learn lessons, make you resilient, and leave you appreciating when things are good.


  • Distance yourself from negative people: Not the easiest task but a necessary one. You have a few options: express to the negative people in  your life how they are affecting you (maybe they had no idea that what the way they spoke to you is hurting you) and give them the chance to be better. Maybe they're struggling with negativity just as you are and you could work towards a positive life together. If they constantly put you in a fog, stress you out, or you find yourself complaining about them often you need to create distance (either sever ties - not always an option I know - or spend less time with them).


Start implementing these ASAP. They aren't something you need to prepare for or what until you have a little free time. Start taking baby steps towards a positive life!

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