10 Ways to Stay Grateful

Too often we get bogged down by over thinking things, or just the general stresses of life. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else! We can let it ruin our day, or our week, but I say NO SIR to that! Just by taking the time to utilizing all, or even just a few of these, we can feel a little less weighed down, and smile at how grateful we can be in any given situation.



1. Take in the small moments

        A cool breeze, watching the sunset, taking in the peace and quiet, a funny moment with a friend, etc. There are SO MANY small moments that we could easily overlook. Take the time to slow down and really appreciate as many as you can.

2. Look for the positives (no matter how small)

        If you look hard enough you can find something positive in the darkest of times. Even going as far as being grateful to have food in your belly, a roof over your head, or just being alive and ready to take on what’s next. I implore you to always seek out the positive and let it drive you!

3. Find traits to admire in those around you

        It’s easy to make judgements and assumptions, but far more beneficial to find traits that we admire. Maybe she’s strong, he’s witty, or that couple communicates super well! Not only does it help you see others in a more positive light, but it can help you aspire to even make a more positive change within yourself.

4. Explore new places or ideas

        Life can get stagnant if we don’t help push it along. Exploring new things externally or internally with traveling, new hobbies, routines, or ways of life, help us stay feeling refreshed and grateful.


5. Learn to laugh it off

        Laughter truly is one of THE best medicines there is! It can be a rough road when you go through life too seriously. Learn to laugh or smile with others, at embarrassing moments, and even at yourself.

6. Keep a minimalist mindset

        Now, I’m not saying you need to purge everything and fit only essentials in a messenger bag. But ask yourself, do you really need to buy a clothing item every time you go to the store? Do you really need to keep all those old dvds you haven’t watched in years? We convince ourselves we need a bunch of material possessions that honestly, we don’t. Steer away from excess and you’ll become more grateful for what you DO have.

7. Breathe before you react

        How many times have we said or done something that we immediately knew was the wrong way to handle a situation? Right before you react to any given situation you might notice you take a deep breath in, possibly followed by yelling back or taking physical action. If you focus on letting out the big breath right after you take it in, you’ll have more time to pause, relax, and really think about how you would feel best reacting.

8. Appreciate what you already have

        In today’s age, we are constantly fed the idea that we need the next model, version, fad, or big thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that, but you should understand that what you’re feeling is a WANT and not a NEED. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Right? Don’t lose sight of what you have right in front of you that is still perfectly fine.

9. Make motivation, don’t wait for it

        We have so much more power than we give ourselves credit for! Search deep down to find out what drives you, and put that at the forefront of your mind. Give yourself a pep talk (and YES, I completely encourage doing this out loud!). If you keep waiting for motivation to knock on your door, it’s probably not going to come.

10. Learn from the past rather than dwell on it

        It’s easy to write something off as a regret or let it hold us in a rut. Every experience, good or bad, teaches us a lesson and helps us grow. Focus on those lessons and let them drive change, repetition (if it was something good), and future decisions. In time, you’ll look back and be grateful for how far you’ve come.

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This is a lovely post. I especially like #10. I used to “think down” on certain parts of my past. But I finally realized that some of the best strengths I have were born in those past moments. I love your art and your posts…all so refreshing!

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