Find yourself in nature, and share your story as wearable art.

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Hey love,

It's time to stop cluttering life up with meaningless things.

Especially when you could have a beautiful piece of art to keep close when you need it the most.

So what do you do?

First, browse all of the accessories and find a piece that draws you in.

Next, find what connects you to the nature in that piece - a memory, a passion, a representation of who you want to be?

Finally, you wear it proudly!  Nature preserved forever with a piece of you already inside.

Let's start looking!

Don't worry ...

Expressing a little piece of your story is so valuable, and that's why I'm always here to answer any questions you might have about current pieces in the shop, making a piece specifically for you, or helping you pick out the perfect fit.

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Not only are you supporting a kind, generous and gracious local artist, you are setting yourself up for hundreds of "Oh my goodness, where did you get that?" conversations!

Jessica H.

Stunning, From the packaging to the beautiful original jewelry inside!!! #obssessed

Stephanie N.

I've bought several items from SimplyOli as gifts and the recipients absolutely love them! And with the adorable packaging there is no need to re-wrap them!

Jessica S.